The Vanderkloof Fisheries Project starts!The project has officially started. With our various permits in hand and the go ahead given by DALRRD we are happy to announce the project is in full swing. This was a fairly long process to ensure all operations are correct, and now with all our T crossed and I’s dotted the team is very busy catching fish. This has allowed us to start selling fish to the local Kraal fishers in the 3 towns Keurtjieskloof, Petrusville and Luckhoff. The Kraal fishers place their orders with the crew, who in turn catch the fish and deliver it to the various towns. In addition of the selling of fish to the locals the team strives to empower the Kraal fishers with business and trade, teaching them the value by selling the fish by weight rather than estimate by sight. To keep records of their purchases and to be able to work out percentages with a calculator. In all to start building small businesses and thinking as a business person. This positive addition to their lives with rub off on the younger generation and so breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering a whole community The start of the project has been very positive and promises to get better every day. We are proud to be involved in the project and seeing the changes in thinking from the Kraal fishers.

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