Lorenzo Damster

Lorenzo Damster age 28 lives in Petrusville and is a local Kraal Fisher. He catches fish with his hands at the Kraals and can catch fish in both hands at the same time!

He has been using the Kraals for 3 years and selling the fish brings an income which enables him to support his wife and 2 children.

Without the fish he would not be able to support his family, this is a vital link to his livelihood.

Lorenzo supports the project and buys fish often for re-selling purposes.

He says without the project and the income he receives from the selling of the fish, it would impact his life and those of the community negatively. It is very important to him that the project is successful and looks forward to the research being concluded and the project handed back to the community and a working, successful business model.

His hope is that the project will identify the people who are serious about the project and wants to make a success of it.

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