The development of small scale fisheries in South Africa has the potential to contribute towards food security and economic development.  To develop this potential in the Northern Cape Province, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) has identified Vanderkloof Dam as a potential site.

Vanderkloof Dam which is on the Orange River, is approximately 100km in length.  The towns around this dam include Vanderkloof, Petrusville and Luckhoff.  

The objectives of DALRRD is to initially implement an experimental fishery that will run for two years.  The results of the experimental fishery will then determine the biological and economic viability of implementing small scale fisheries in the region.

As a first for South Africa inland fisheries development, the plan for the experimental fishery, is being been developed through a consultative process that includes all stakeholders.  DALRRD has invited all of the relevant government departments, stakeholders as well as the Rural Fisheries Programme of Rhodes University (project implementers) and has constituted an Advisory Group (AG) made up of interested stakeholders.  The AG has since developed a scientific plan to implement the experimental fishery.  This plan, called the Experimental Fishery Management Plan (EFMP) seeks to address the issues and concerns of all parties and propose a method in which an experimental fishery can be implemented.