EFMP Progress

The draft Experimental Fishery Management Plan (EFMP) is currently being developed. Once the final version has been reviewed, agreed upon and approved by the advisory committee it will be released on this site. The next step will be to submit an application to NC-DENC for a experimental research fishery permit.

For any public views, concerns, recommendations and information regarding the development and progress of the draft EFMP the following representatives may be contacted:


  • Acting subsistence fishers representative at local level – Mr. Raphael Benadie (benadie74@gmail.com)
  • Vanderkloof Angling Club, Vanderkloof Boat Club, and Vanderkloof/Petrusville town representative – Ms. Caroline Badenhorst (badenhorstd@yahoo.com)
  • SASACC and recreational fisheries representative at national level – Dr. Aidan Wood (tagfish@telkomsa.net)