Long-term Government Objectives

The development of new inland fisheries are a government priority in terms of several of its key objectives:

  • Food security and food production
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Job creation
  • Socio-economic development
  • Human resource development (skills enhancement through new economic activities, particularly those associated with small business)
  • Social sector service delivery (expanding the commercially exploitable resource base, broadening equitable access to shared resources and prioritizing the poor and disadvantaged)
  • Rural development programmes (focusing particularly on previously neglected areas)

NC-DALRRD is committed to the development of new inland fisheries in the province with the aim of achieving sustainable socio-economic growth within previously neglected rural areas. The initial focus will be on exploring the development of a small-scale experimental research fishery on Vanderkloof Dam, thereby exploring the possibility of a fishery to contribute to food security and provide employment opportunities within the local rural community sections. However, the main objective of the experimental fishery is to determine the status of the resource, whether sustainable harvest levels are achievable, and if achievable whether it could support a feasible business framework.